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With our maps you will travel to the future and the past. Traversing the fantasy and history. You may go to distant worlds, or hell. Also you can explore beautiful scenarios, with mountains, beach or deserts.
Welcome to Q2 Reloaded!, Q2 Reloaded is a free and new Quake II active servers net. The site was started by myself Laura "Laura Hentschel /Spawn Girl". Since my very first game Quake 2 got me addicted within an instant. Being able to create your own mods/skins/maps/overrides combined with such an awesome gameplay and the best in mutliplayer capabilities. Our goal is to bring fresh air to Quake 2, adding new ideas, new environments for the maps and even new mods. Anyone involved does what they do in their own free time, free of charge, for the love of the game. There are of course costs involved in keeping the services running, so anyone who feels generous enough to help is invited to make a donation towards the everyday running costs. Any donation received, no matter how small or how often, is greatly appreciated. A sincere "Thank You" to all the map creators who have produced maps for the game we love and love to play! Special Thanks to WIFI who helped me with the servers "Goto". Special Thanks to Panjoo and X7 in the build of SgMist.bsp (Spawn Girl Mist map)Special Thanks to WizardExt (David Lundvall) for all his support as a map maker, as a friend and his continuous good vibes.

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Tim Willits Discusses Rage

GamesIndustry.biz has posted a new interview with id Software's Tim Willits. The developer discussed a variety of topics relating to the company's upcoming first person shooter and action racing title, Rage.

Q: So do you think that the projected lifespan for id Tech 5 will be similar to previous iterations?
Tim Willits: No. John has said, publicly, that he feels that id Tech 5 will last a while. Because it's very scalable. He's scaled it down to the iPhone, he feels you can scale it the other way. He doesn't know anything about the next generation of consoles, but he feels that it will be awesome on the next generation of consoles.

Q: You're very much a multi-platform developer now. Does that really penetrate to the core of the company or would you actually prefer to be working on pure PC tech?
Tim Willits: The problem is that the PC market is smaller and piracy is out of control still. Those are the two things that have really moved all developers to be cross platform. Otherwise you're looking at a client-server architecture type game, always online.

People say, the PC market's dead. It's not dying, it's changing. The social aspect of PC gaming is still the richest, but yeah, the user base is small and piracy is out of control.
To read more follow the link below.

GamesIndustry.biz: Rage Interview

$$$: Team Fortress 2 Modders Make Nearly $50,000 Apiece

Time to brush up on your modding skills? Modders who created content for Team Fortress 2 have earned nearly $50,000 apiece. So, let’s say you create a hat. A few months later you’re driving around in a fancy car, not unlike the id Software guys from way back when. Right now, the money split is 75/25 in favor of Valve. That is, Valve keeps 75 percent of the money earned with the sale of the created items, while the creator keeps 25 percent. From the outside looking in that seems a little too lopsided in Valve’s favor—Apple only takes 30 percent of your App Store revenue—but if the modders are fine with it who am I to poke my nose in? The Team Fortress 2 store launched a few weeks ago, and it only works with the PC version of the game (as if anyone plays the Xbox 360 version). The highest earner made $47,000, which means Valve made some $140,000.

Mad money, as they say.

LOLApps Launches Ravenwood Fair on Facebook

Back in the game after that suspension, LOLApps has launched their newest Facebook game, Ravenwood Fair, a game in which Id Software legend John Romero contributed as a consultant. The game is similar to Critter Island and mixes elements of FrontierVille (Cutting trees and battling back the forest), FarmVille (you have to farm in this game) and theme park simulators as you need to build attractions and bring in customers to use them.

Doom, Double D Dodgeball pulled from XBLA

And just like that, Doom and Double D Dodgeball are no longer available on Xbox Live Arcade. Noticed by GamerBytes, both titles were pulled with no warning. The games can still be played if they were previously purchased.

Double D Dodgeball's mention in this post is for the simple fact that it happened to occur at the same time as Doom's removal. Speculation as to why Doom was pulled revolves around rights issues involving id Software's acquisition by Zenimax and the XBLA title being published by Activision.

We're following up with Zenimax to find out what its plans are for the game.

Update: A representative for Zenimax informs Joystiq that Doom's departure had to do with "expiring rights" and it "should be back up soon from Bethesda."

Cliffy B: Gamers hate sequels... but not three-quels

Epic design boss Cliff 'Cliffy B' Bleszinski has observed that there is a culture amongst shooter fans of "hating sequels" - but that many fall back in love with a series in time for its third iteration. Bleszinski is busy working on Epic's own Gears Of War 3 - and believes the game might get more love from core fans than its predecessor. "For some reason in the shooter world, there's this thing about hating sequels," he told the latest issue of OXM, as part of a huge nine-page GOW3 feature.


"Everyone loved Halo and a lot players were like: 'Halo 2 sucked!' Everyone loves Counterstrike and then Source comes out, 'that sucks!' Quake 2, Gears 2, every single shooter...'"

He added: "And then the third one is somehow the one where everyone's like: 'Oh, it's going to be a lot more like 1, remember you like 1, right?'... In some ways, maybe the original was better but in many ways users are in love with the memory, you're competing with the memory of your own success - which is a very difficult thing to do."

You've got our full faith, Cliff - not least because you've implemented dedicated servers for Gears 3.

The title's arrival has been delayed until late next year.

There is a crazy amount more gaming goodness in the December issue of OXM, which is with subscribers now - and will be in stores this week.

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Layoffs Cut Into Raven Software

Singularity developer Raven Software has reportedly cut about 40 people from its workforce as it shifts focus from game development to making downloadable content. It hasn't been a very good day for videogame developers. First we got the news of cuts at n-Space and now comes a report that roughly 40 people have been let go from Raven, the long-standing studio whose past projects include Quake 4, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Wolfenstein and most recently the FPS Singularity. Parent company Activision said, "With the recent completion of Singularity, Raven Software is realigning its workforce to better reflect the studio's upcoming slate."


Kotaku sources interpreted that statement as an indication of Raven's shift to DLC creation, which fits with reports that emerged earlier this year that Raven had been pulled off its latest project so it could work on making map packs for Call of Duty: Black Ops instead. Raven was previously hit with layoffs in August 2009 following the completion of Wolfenstein and the movie-based X-Men Origins: Wolverine; Kotaku said that round of layoffs had reduced Raven from three development teams to two, while the most recent layoffs leave it with just one.

Raven Software was founded in 1990 and quickly established its reputation with classics like Shadowcaster, Heretic, Hexen and Soldier of Fortune. The studio was acquired by Activision in 1997.